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C.A.O.S. Agent

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C.A.O.S. Profile

As long as the global project is not 100% a crypto one, and with the regulatory spaces we have to take care of, we won’t do the conventional marketing as used in the industry. We are going to have a broker model in which approved professionals bring leads and get commissions for successful funding and participation. 

In addition to the obligatory experience in blockchain asset marketing, we are looking for professional backgrounds in all areas, with a basic understanding of conventional fundraising and foreign investment, to understand the global project better. 

Other than countries with sanctions or crypto bans (ie, you can’t hold crypto) there are no restrictions to your nationality or current residence. Good neutral English is needed in addition to your native language. A longstanding business social profile helps a lot. 

You’ll be given examples, do’s, and don’ts about how or where to promote the project, but the general criteria for operation are in your hands. It will depend a lot on your own network of successful crypto teams and investors that already trust you. 

No spam or automated cold contacting will be permitted. You are not meant to bring lots of people you don’t know, but those who you’d like to work with and who you think will be a great addition to the project’s talent pool, so there is also a bit of headhunting involved. 

In addition to the commissions, you become the leader of your group of investors, with the possibility to be nominated as a representative, and the option for the group to get seeded as a local node. 

C.A.O.S. Agent Requirements

To be onboarded and approved as a CAOS agent you must support this on your application: 

  • Internal KYCConventional one, done in-house. Additional documents might be required.
  • Real LinkedIn ProfileDoesn't have to be focused on crypto, just be professional.
  • Twitter ProfileCan be crypto focused, no cringecoins or scams.
  • Highly technicalHigh understanding of BC and DAOs
  • Discord OPsEnough experience for operatiosn and support

You can specify additional profiles, channels, tools, and talents in the application.

Crypto currency investment 1920s advertising style

Position Details

  • LocationRemote - WFH
  • LanguagesProfessional English - Your native one
  • Commissions10% of value in reserve loot at each round's end.
  • ContractNo. You can keep your normal marketing work and projects.

Become a C.A.O.S. Agent