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We sure are doing some non conventional stuff in here so is quite natural to have questions. Check these, the linked content, or ask us. 


About our conventional offers and services.

What do you actually do, or what kind of company are you?

We are a technology company because technology influences almost every aspect of modern life. Our primary focus areas are software and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), but technology itself is a broad field. To develop our ideas, we need certain “primitives” or foundational elements, so we concentrate on applying technology to real estate and financial technology (fintech).

Real estate is a natural starting point for us because we have access to and experience in this field. Real estate forms the literal and metaphorical foundation of what we aim to build. Additionally, the economic and political factors make real estate a particularly intriguing and potentially profitable sector. This is true even before we begin incorporating advanced technology into it.

What other technologies are part of your future plans?

We have a profound appreciation for science and technology in all its forms. Our interest stems from a desire to see our country develop peacefully and from being close to the center of scientific and technological advancement over the last century. We understand the necessary steps and aim to contribute from the private sector by introducing tools and hardware that promote education and growth.

While software will be a ubiquitous part of our projects, we also have plans to delve into various other fields. These include hardware development, manufacturing, infrastructure, automotive technology, biotechnology laboratories, entertainment, the future of work, and aerospace, to name a few.

What's a startup studio? Is it like CEOs dancing?

While we could certainly set up a dance studio for CEOs, a startup studio is something quite different. A startup studio, much like an incubator, supports very early-stage ideas and entrepreneurs, helping them grow and succeed in exchange for equity.

The key difference is that while incubators offer funds and expertise to a broad community of startups, a startup studio often operates as a closed system. This allows for a concentrated focus on specific industries, reducing complications and streamlining the development process.

However, this approach can sometimes mean missing out on great ideas from outside the selected focus. To balance this, we are not entirely closed off and do accept applications from innovative projects.

Are real estate services only for foreigners?

Not at all. Our real estate services are available to everyone, regardless of their location. We are developing a portfolio of real estate services that cater to both local and international clients, though some services may naturally be more applicable to one group than the other.

Our primary focus is to act as a bridge for foreigners who wish to invest in our country, whether they are doing so from abroad or with the intention of immigrating. Ultimately, we aim to eliminate any distinctions. If someone from the other side of the world falls in love with your home, they should be able to purchase it without unnecessary complications.

What's with the pyramids?

Pyramid schemes in our country evolved so rapidly due to high demand that they morphed into flat, 2D mandalas. This contrasts with the evolution of the 5-blade razor. To simplify, we chose to use a triangle in our design, which is not even 3D and therefore can’t be confused with a pyramid.

We are joking: ARCADIA is an acronym that coincidentally includes three ‘A’s, just like the name of our father who also was a AAA human being. Our design approach uses three triangles to represent the three ‘A’s in his name, symbolizing his original vision behind this idea. Additionally, red was his favorite color.

Our project will operate across different jurisdictions, requiring us to comply with both local laws and blockchain regulations.

Locally, we have collaborated with our chamber of commerce to validate various aspects of the project, and so far, we have not encountered any significant legal obstacles. We ensure strict adherence to local fundraising regulations to maintain compliance.

In the cryptocurrency space, the self-regulatory framework of our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) provides an additional layer of compliance. The DAO’s operations and logic have been successfully validated by early testers. Our current smart contracts have been verified from the source. Please refer to our terms and agreement document for a list of restricted and regulated jurisdictions.

In the tech sector, our wallet has undergone review by Google Play and has been approved for the private testing phase. You can participate in this testing phase. The wallet is currently being used for real-life transactions by our testers without any issues to date.


About things related to distributed ledger technology, aka, blockchain, aka el coco.

What is "el coco"?

“El coco” is essentially the original concept of the bogeyman, a figure used to scare children in our culture. It is a blend of Iberian and likely African influences that has evolved over time. The intriguing part is that if you ask an adult to describe “el coco,” they often can’t, no one really knows what it looks like, what it does, or what’s its problem. It remains a mysterious and undefined entity.

This ambiguity mirrors how many locals perceive cryptocurrency. Regardless of their education or background, there is a natural wariness towards crypto, largely because it is difficult to understand. The lack of fundamental knowledge about the technology behind it, coupled with its frequent association with large sums of money, only adds to the confusion and suspicion.

When explaining a business idea that includes “crypto,” that term tends to overshadow everything else. Replacing “crypto” with “blockchain” can help, but explaining the difference requires delving into a complex array of technical concepts that can be overwhelming for most people.

What about crypto?

Beyond the memes and volatility, if you look at it from an objective perspective, Bitcoin (BTC) serves as a robust proof of concept. Even though we may not be the biggest fans, it’s undeniable that Bitcoin has been operational for over 10 years without interruption. This is a level of reliability that the technological infrastructure, whether private or public, in developing nations often cannot match.

This highlights the core advantage of blockchain technology: its resilience and lack of a single point of failure. We aim to leverage blockchain in ways that, after more than a decade of proven reliability, might encourage our local regulators to move past the initial challenges and misconceptions associated with 1st generation blockchain paradigms.

What does it mean to be crypto-friendly?

Being crypto-friendly essentially refers to the integration of blockchain-based assets into the regular payment systems, despite regulatory limitations. It means accepting and utilizing cryptocurrencies as a standard payment method for services and facilitating value exchange between buyers and sellers, even those located overseas, while ensuring compliance with legal and fiscal responsibilities.

The goal is to gain more by automating processes rather than avoiding and complicating existing systems. While the concept sounds simple, in practice, it is not. This complexity is not primarily due to regulatory antagonism towards crypto, but rather the absence of a clear legal and procedural framework. Different institutions have their own concerns and policies, which complicates the process. Efforts are being made to properly regulate this space now, which, although possibly late, makes it an opportune time to get involved.

If you want learn about the core concepts of blockchain and crypto from scratch, we recommend that you check our wallet FAQ.

If I give you money, will you give me back lots more money?

Well, when it comes to real estate transactions, you typically provide funds to the property owner. Our revenue primarily stems from commissions paid by property owners and, in some cases, by you if we assist with additional services. For international clients, particularly, our role often involves acting as a buyer’s agent, which may entail additional fees.

If you’re referring to our services, you pay for them as needed, and in return, you gain assets that generate revenue, such as promotional and sales tools.

As for our studio division, there’s no monetary exchange involved. We exclusively operate on an equity basis in such instances.

Ah, I see. Perhaps you thought our mention of crypto implied we were peddling some sort of magical coin promising instant wealth in three months? That’s not what we are doing here.

Like any startup venture, there’s potential for substantial returns if you get in early, but it’s a long-term commitment akin to real estate investment timelines. However, the rewards are reserved for those who actively contribute as core associates.

We might be going to the actual moon tho.

If I bring a friend, will you give me money?

Are you insinuating that we’re involved in selling people? Absolutely not. We vehemently oppose any form of human trafficking.

Jokes aside, there’s no pyramid scheme happening here. We’re not soliciting money with dubious promises. Our model is straightforward: you invest money, and in return, you receive shares. Ideally, the value of those shares will exceed your initial investment, over time and results.

The distinctive aspect of our approach is that we welcome professionals to contribute their expertise and time. Time, after all, is an invaluable and irreplaceable asset. As a result, those who contribute their labor are given preferential access to our pool of shares.

For a comprehensive breakdown of the various investment avenues available, please refer to our investment page.

Then, what are you selling?

Our primary offerings are currently available for testing, and based on feedback, we’re refining their legal formulation and implementation.

These offerings encompass a range of services including realty, development, design, consulting, and incubator services. Additionally, we are essentially selling our project and ourselves to investors who are interested in becoming core associates.

In the blockchain realm, we’re giving away utility tokens to testers of our wallet application. These tokens can also be exchanged for DAO tokens during the presale. While it’s possible to purchase DAO tokens outright, at this juncture, our priority lies in validating and testing the products we’re developing.

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