Building the OS for developing economies' entrepreneurship


Arcadia Global

We are a technology company focused on advancing developing economies with tools and innovation geared to make productive instruments more accessible and affordable locally while projecting them to the global market.

The global part develops the framework and orchestrates the core operations of multiple independent business units that support our plans. See more below.


Our thesis

We love the Arcadian concepts and themes, the mountains, the chill and resourceful people, and the magical land of plenty is something that certainly describes plenty of emerging markets. Including Colombia, our staging op headquarters.

  • Be relentless and nimbleTitles don't matter, everybody here knows how to sell the pen.
  • Mad scientist vibeWe support and welcome hardworking talent. and ideas far out of the box.
  • Nice things, good timesNo point in owning things we can't enjoy or help us improve our lives.
  • "We are going to build our own theme parkwith lush forests, nymphs, and dryads."

How does it work?

Work Units

Our operations are organized in two hemispheres, each containing work units aligned on both logistical and conceptual aspects. These units collaborate to develop the core business while also independently engaging in B2B or B2C activities as demand and availability permit.

We don’t use a top-down approach but a bottom-up one where everything is naturally interconnected and supported by the foundations. This way we can logically add up new work units as they come. Please refer to our organizational keiretsu neko:

Meet the team

Our Profiles

Abel Galeano Founder In Memoriam

After retirement, he kept working in the real estate industry as an independent agent, with an extraordinary instinct to predict future valuations. His ideas are the original basis of this project.

William Galeano Founder

After an early start in tech, he studied a BA in Advertising, working as a design and tech consultant for the past 20 years. He brings that experience to the studio and technical aspects of the project, along with studies and practical and RE experience.

Aristóbulo Salcedo Realty Advisor

Former partner of Abel and another old-school real estate agent. Estudied industrial engineering, and also picked RE as work after retirement. His experience and network will be essential for this project and he'll lead the conventional realty processes.