We sure are doing some non conventional stuff in here so is quite natural to have questions, we’ve certainly had them while discussing this project with friends and our local chamber of commerce. 


About our conventional offers and services.
What is that you really do, or are?Seems like you want to do a lot of things.

Thats because technology permeates almost everything and we are a technology company. Software or DLT are just areas of a very broad field like is technology. We need certain "primitives" to build our ideas so our first focus is tech applied to real estate and investment.

It just happens that real estate is something we have access and experience while being literally the base of what we want to build. Combined with economic and political factors make for a very interesting and potentially profitable real estate activity, even before starting to inject serious technology into it.

What other technologies are in the plans.

We love science and technology wholesale. As a natural interest in seeing our own country develop in peace, and being so close to the hearth of that science and technology development in the last century. We understand the path, and we aim to do our part from the private sector to bring here those tools and hardware that work both to educate and to grow.

Software will be everywhere but we are also interested in hardware, fabrication, infrastructure, automotive, biolabs, entertainment, future of work, aerospace, to mention some 

Whats a startup studio?Is it like CEOs dancing?

We can setup a dance studio for CEOs yes, anything is possible with an SS. A startup studio is not much different from a normal incubator, they support very early ideas and entrepreneurs to get where they want in exchange for equity.

Where and incubator is associated with an offer of funds and expertise open to the community. A startup studio is most of the time a closed system, which allows focusing on specific industries and cut a lot of drama; Downside is leaving out those great ideas in the wild. So we are not 100% closed and we receive applications.

Are realty services only for foreigners?

Not at all, services are open to anyone anywhere. We'll create a portfolio of realty services that cover both groups but there will be some that only apply to one or another naturally.

Big picture, the focus is being the bridge for foreigners that want to invest in our country, from the distance, or with the intention to immigrate. 

We want that distinction to be meaningless anyway. If someone at the other side of the earth loves your home, they should be able to own it without much drama.

Whats up with the pyramids?

Pyramid schemes in our country evolved so fast due to demand that they turned into 2D mandalas. Is the inverse situation of the 5 blade razor.  That's why we wanted to go to the basics and use a triangle, is not even 3D! So it can't be a pyramid.

We are Joking, ARCADIA is an acronym that happens to have 3 As, same as our father's name, founder in memoriam, who was a triple-A human being. In our design approach we use 3 triangles to represent the 3 As in his name, and from his wisdom, the original mind behind this idea years ago. Red was also his favorite color. 


About things related to distributed ledger technology, aka, blockchain, aka el coco.

Now whats "el coco"

El coco is pretty much the original concept of the bogeyman, in our local chapter, a mix of Iberian and probably Afro meanie entity to scare children in not so ancient times.

Point is, if you asked an adult to explain what the coco is, they don't know either, nobody actually knows much about the coco, how does it look like? what does it do? does it look like a coconut? what's its problem? No one knows.

And that is precisely the reaction from most locals regardless of education or background: natural wariness justified by how hard is to understand it, when tech fundamentals are most of the time lacking; Being (unnecessarily) associated with huge amounts of money doesn't help either.

No mater the business idea you are describing, once you include "crypto" that is what everyone's will be fixed on. Change crypto for "blockchain" and to explain the difference you have to cover such a wild collection of tech concepts, that is unfair to expect for everyone to grasp and handle.

What about crypto?(Crypto is scary!)

Beyond the memes and volatility, if you look at it from an objective point of view, BTC is a pretty good damn prof of concept (even if we aren't quite the fans) is a system that's been running for more than 10 years non-stop. That' s something that developing nations' private or public technological infrastructure usually can't claim.

That's pretty much the hearth of it. Tech that works because is not tied to a single point of failure. 

We want to use blockchain technology in a way that maybe, after more than 10 years, hopefully, our local regulators can see beyond the first generation paradigms and problems. 

What is crypto friendly?

This is the thing that's limited by regulation, and is basically how to integrate blockchain based assets as any other form of payment. That is all.

For example we want to be able to receive crypto as a normal payment method for our services and also as a valid bridge for the exchange of value between buyers and sellers, even if any of those are overseas. All this while being compliant and fiscally responsible.


There's more to gain automating things than evading and complicating systems already in place.

Sounds simple, ought to be simple, but obviously is not. Not much because the regulators antagonize crypto, but because there is no clear legal or procedural framework, different institutions address their own concerns and set their own policies. Work is being done to properly regulate this time, allegedly. In any case, might be late, but is the right time to be in there.

If I give you money, will you give me back lots more money?

We'll, when buying real estate you usually give the money to the owner, we get a commission from them, and from you if we cover any other need you might have. For foreign clients we act mainly as a buyer agent so ther might be other fees. 

Or if you mean our services?, you pay for them on demand and in return you get assets that generate money like promotion and sales tools.

Or if you mean our studio part. We don't ask or give money in that case. We work for equity exclusively in that case.

Oh you thought that because we mention blockchain we were about to sell you some magic coin that will make you rich when it moons in 3 months? That's not how it works here.

As any startup, if you get early, you have a big chance to do really well, but it'll take years, real estate years, and you, as core associate will have to work for it, and you'll get the perks of it.

We are going to the actual moon tho.

If I bring a friend, will you give me money?

Are you selling your friend? what? We obviously don't support human traficking WTF.

No seriously, nothing pyramidal in here, we are not asking random money, we are asking investors to be associates in good old book-entry style.

Until we have a DAO that makes group investing super simple, the only option for a group to invest in us would be for them to set up a simple legal entity and invest in us B2B, like, how else?

Then, what are you selling?

Our initial services are ready for testing and based on that we are building the legal formulation and implementation.

You can say that we are also selling our project and ourselves, to investors that want to become core associates. 

If you mean crypto? We mostly give away our test and staging coins, you just have to ask for them in our telegram. We would also like to use them as generics for our educational initiatives.

Besides that, You can buy our NFTs if you'd like to crowdfund us in any way, but that's personal*. These 3 uses are the only thing that more or less resemble the usual crypto project themes if you really want a cryptopiece from us.

* Because for some odd reason the wording for a law meant for patents pretty much describes NFTs better and taxes apply. No, is not explicitly set, but those are legal blackholes you go around early.
Where are the flashing and bouncing thingys?

This is not a crypto project.

As we mention in multiple contexts, we are creating generics, is not a buzzword but technical approach: create elements that perform a function and can be reused everywhere. It's like legos basically, but is an approach used in programming, architecture, engineering, and even art.

That will obviously also applies to design. We have to design a brand for a wide range of uses, industries and tones. We also like minimalism, functionality, economy, theres the classical subtext... it's called bauhaus and we are not inventing it, nor applying it strictly.

A less serious point is that, well, buildings and businesses are not things you usually see floating around. Would you buy a house that floats and blinks and moves every time you aproach? Exactly. When this business includes things that float around then we'll review our policy.




Thank you, we will contact you soon !

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